Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants, Inc.Crime Scene Consulting and Private Investigations


 Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants, Inc.  (TFIC)        

Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants,Inc. (TFIC, Inc.) is a Full-Service Crime Scene Consulting and Private Investigation Business Specializing in: 

      -Crime Scene/Forensic Consulting
      -Crime Scene Collection and Processing
      -Private Investigations
      -Criminal Defense Work
      -DNA, Ballistics/Firearms, Computer Forensics
      -Skip Tracing
      -Background Investigations/Patent Infringement  
      -Writ of Habeas Corpus Work/Pro Bono Work

Our highly skilled experts are able to work as consulting experts or testifying experts. We are here to serve you. Please give us a call to find out how Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants can help you with your case.

"There is no perfect crime, only imperfect investigations."  
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Texas Forensic Investigative Consultants, Inc. (TFIC, Inc.) was a HUB Certified (History of Underutilized Businesses)